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Name:Shadow the Hedgehog
Birthdate:Jun 23
This is an AU Shadow the Hedgehog, in which he is a cop working for the police in Station Square. Mostly doing undercover jobs, Shadow is also part of the homicide division and spends long hours looking over portfolios of cases, old and new, to solve.

His partner on the job is Sonic the Hedgehog, a lively police officer who constantly cracks jokes and gets on Shadow's nerves. He is the good cop to Shadow's bad cop. Shadow has been on the force for years while Sonic is relatively new.

They live on Mobius and instead of joining GUN, Shadow works for the police and lives in a single apartment near the bay. Sonic grew up living in Mobotropolis with his family before going to the police academy and soon becoming one of the youngest cops in history, moving to Station Square. Shadow's past is mostly the same-- Shadow was created by Professor Gerald Robotnik to be the Ultimate Life form, but the military landed aboard the ARK to shut the project down and take Shadow for themselves, murdering his family.

When Eggman had freed Shadow from his imprisonment, the black hedgehog had run off to live in solitude for a great many years, learning how to survive on Mobius and become his own person. At first he held great contempt for humans and overlanders, and all people on the planet, but slowly he came to understand them, despite the great pain in his heart. Ultimately, Shadow had decided that it would be better for Maria if he took care of the planet that she loved, instead of trying to destroy it. He returned to Station Square in order to better protect the people, and became a police officer.

Shadow is primarily business oriented and doesn't really like wasting his time on unimportant things. He'd rather be doing work than goofing off like a certain blue hedgehog. Because he still holds great pain in his heart, as well as some contempt for those that destroyed his life, Shadow is known to spend a great deal of time alone, or being a bit too harsh on those he interrogates. He's not afraid of going overboard and will even get physical with criminals he's supposed to apprehend. He's been given multiple warnings and suspensions, but is seen as a valuable member of the force due to his compassion and empathy for the innocent.

Since Sonic became his partner on the job, Shadow hasn't gotten too violent with criminals, mostly since Sonic is there to hold him back.
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